About Us

Over the years, Aspin Holding’s remarkable success was owed from its chieftain, Mr. Ahmed Mir Hashim Khoory, Chairman and CEO, a renowned giant in the business industry.

Mr. Khoory a well known Emirati personality and a businessman with many companies under his portfolio involved in the development of the most prestigious residential and commercial freehold properties in Dubai.

He has brought with him many years of experience with one of the world's leading airlines "Emirates Airlines". Emirates Airline has been home to Mr. Khoory, holding the vital position as a Senior Vice President for Commercial Operations –Gulf, Middle East and Iran for almost 30 years and confidently states that he is proud to be associated with a highly profitable and reputed international airline with a turnover of approximately USD 3 billion. He has benefited immensely through work experience and professional developmental courses provided by the company, both internally and externally.

In addition, Mr Khoory is an active role player in the community and holds many accolades being a founder of Rashid Paediatric Centre, Dubai, UAE (Centre for children with special needs).In 1994, he established the Rashid Pediatric Thereby Center in Dubai to improve services and programs offered to people with special needs. Currently, the Center serves around 200 children and has become one of the best reputable centers in the Arab region for its expertise and services.

Mr. Khoory is also the Vice Chairman of Al Nasr Club, member of the Board of Directors of UAE Volleyball Association and Emirates Flight Catering.

Through his innovative, brilliant ideas and applied strategies in the areas of real estate development came up Aspin Holding LLC that changed the standards of real estate development to its utmost height.

Aspin Holding LLC, a successful and grown organization which has a varied business interests/firms from real estate development to education, to consultancy, introducing a new brands in terms of food and beverages, and agriculture field.

Aspin Holding LLC is managed by expert teams whom have sharpened their deep knowledge and devotion to establish strong, sustainable and profitable businesses. An unparalleled collaboration of exceptional expertise when it comes to real estate development, lead consultancy and sponsorship, engineering, construction, facility management, administration, education and therapy services for special children and introducing and marketing new brands of agricultural products, food and beverages.

The company believes on empowering its people and enhancing its natural skills and talents to strive for the best while maintaining company’s fundamental values, integrity and commitment to provide optimal service to its valued clients.

The company’s aspiration is to strive to work diligently, deliver positive output and be the leaders to their chosen craft in the entire country.

At present, Aspin Holding LLC is continuously growing and marking its way to the UAE’s economic market.