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Our advocacy is to provide, bring up, develop and shape up an individual’s talent and his inner potentialities. Maple Bear Early Learning Center and Rashid Center’s dedicated act of educating young children and children who are those determined are considered priceless and noble.

Maple Bear

MAPLE BEAR EARLY LEARNING CENTER Member of a global family of learning centers of excellence currently operating in 11 countries. The Center brings the first international approach to early childhood education to the region. It delivers one of the top curricula in the world which is focused on early childhood development with clear learning outcomes...

Rashid Centre for The Determined Ones

The Rashid Paediatric Therapy Centre is a humanitarian organization, which provides quality education and therapy services to children with special needs. Inaugurated in 1994, the Centre aims to ensure that international standards of excellence in education and therapy are maintained at every level. The Centre is unique in the Emirates for providing a holistic multi...

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