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We firmly believe that knowledge equates to power and wealth. This belief drives our mission to cultivate and enhance the inherent talents and potential in every individual. Initiatives such as the Maple Bear Early Learning Center and Rashid Center are at the forefront of this endeavour, providing invaluable education to young and determined children, a commitment we view as both priceless and noble.

MOH Services

Our MOH centres provide comprehensive services for expatriates needing mandatory medical tests for residence visa applications or renewals, including form preparation, medical checkups by Ministry of Health staff, and swift 48-hour result delivery, available for collection or via email.


Embracing the UAE real estate market, we present prestigious and top-tier projects ranging from residential villas and townhouses to commercial retail slots and office spaces. These properties are prominently situated in Dubai's bustling business districts, offering both residential and corporate prestige.

Other Ventures

Our Business Centers offer dedicated office spaces for emerging companies, providing fully furnished offices complete with essential utilities like electricity, water, and cooling, as well as internet access. These centres also include comprehensive services such as reception, cleaning, telephone facilities, meeting rooms, pantry, and washrooms, ensuring a supportive environment for business growth and beyond.

Travel and Tourism

We specialize in providing an exceptional travel experience, catering to both local and international clients. Our services include efficient visa processing, personalized itineraries, and continuous support, ensuring a journey that goes far beyond the ordinary. With our expertise in crafting tailor-made travel solutions, we guarantee a seamless, luxurious, and uniquely memorable travel experience.

AMH Sports

AMH Sports, a branch of AMH International Investment LLC and Aspin Group, excels in organizing sports-related events, including exhibitions, conferences, and seminars. The company specializes in sports services and recreational activities, focusing on creating exceptional experiences and fostering active lifestyles. Its expertise extends to planning and executing competitive sports tournaments, catering to athletes and sports enthusiasts.

Our Partners

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